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month, the very same year that the irs was conferencing in anaheim we were furloughing law enforcement officers. we were furloughing teachers. prosecutors in my own office were furloughed. secretaries in my own office were furloughed. one night one of my secretaries came in after hours and asked if she could borrow the money to buy her child a birthday present. and she he kept apologizing for having to do it. and she kept saying i will pay you back. i will pay you back. and at exactly the same time that young government employee single mom was borrowing money for a child's birthday present other government employees were staying in $3,500 a night rooms. other government employees were spending more money on promotional materials than that young woman makes in a year. dress after this heated hearing the head of the irs division that staged the $4 million conference trying to make a quick get away but griff jenkins trying t trying to grir more answers. >> at any point when you were appearing in the videos did you or any one else think that was not an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars,
robin ngale sunday at 8:00. >> the irs small business division posted a conference in anaheim, california at a cost of $4 million. the money pay for luxury hotel rooms, training videos and outside speakers. the head of the everest the vision and the irs inspector and all took capitol hill about .hat - this committee is chaired by congressman darrell issa. >> the committee will come to order. the oversight committee's mission statement is that we exist to secure two fundamental principles. first, americans have a right to know the money washington takes from them through the irs is well spent. second, americans deserve an efficient government that works for them. our duty on the oversight and government reform committee is to protect these rights. our solemn responsibility is to hold government accountable to taxpayers because taxpayers have a right to know what they get from their government. it is our job to work tirelessly in partnership with citizen deliver the facts to the american people and bring genuine reform to the federal bureaucracy. today more than any other hearin
official who signed off on a lavish conference in anaheim, california. an inspector general's report revealed taxpayer dollars were wasted on luxury hotel suites and other amenities. sally kidd has the details from our washington bureau. a one congressman called conference call and wild. today's hearing kicked off with a taxpayer-funded video starring irs managers as star trek characters. >> anarchy is spreading across the planet like a virus. >> the star witness of this hearing is the irs official who played spock in this training conference video. >> the ears are fine. >> that is the one who signed up on the $4 million junket to anaheim, california in 2010. werepts of things -- played during the hearing. >> what were you thinking? >> it is embarrassing. i apologize. >> i could do a better captain kirk. expensivent included speakers, employee perks, special gifts and luxury accommodations. the swag bagand from the event. >> the swag included a plastic toy fish. >> i do not know what the sporting fish was. >> when did you realize it was wrong? you look at the report -- >> i want to k
but it is when it is the i.r.s. and they give their own employees benefits such as local demrees anaheim and fail to file w-2's for that income. the i.r.s. effectively was guilty of tax evasion. saying you don't know doesn't help you, doesn't give you out an a taxpayer, it shouldn't give the i.r.s. an out when they are using taxpayer's money. professional education is critical and the i.r.s. more than any other organization, needs to be well trained, needs to understand not just the fundamental laws, but aa long history of rule making and federal cases that determine what you do or don't pay. what you're allowed to do and what you're not allowed too. quite frankly, they need to be trained to teach the taxpayer as a customer, not a debtor. that justiced when appropriate travel, when appropriate visits to the very companies and individuals from who they receive the revenue that we in government spend. i want to say here and hopefully my ranking member will share this, we want the federal work force to feel when they have justified travel, reasons to go and have meetings, reasons to use hotel rooms
. they are ready for anaheim. [ applause ] >> you know what happened at anaheim. 2600 irs employees watched that video and another video that spoofed star trek. it cost the irs a combined $60,000 to produce. this thursday, a hearing at the house oversight committee will focus on this kind of wasteful spending. two other hearings on monday and the ways and means committee on tuesday will address the problem of irs agents unfairly targeting conservative groups. republican congressman from the ways and means committee oversight subcommittee spoke out about the video. quote, this is an agency where abuse and waste is the norm and not the exception. it is clear this is a broken agency that is empowered by a broken tax code. we need to fix this and make not only the agency but the tax code more effective and efficient. the white house meanwhile, says they are hoping all this attention on the irs will help them find new ways to fix it. >> there are a lot of people taking a look at this. we'll hopefully allow us to put safeguards in. >> reporter: we now know that investigators have their sights set
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got it. i'm so proud. they are ready for anaheim. [ applause ] >> yep, living it up amid the crackdown. i.r.s. employeeses dancing the night away. and showing silly star trek videos at a la victim junct, all the while tax officials target conservative group. we know how much it cost all taxpayers. you won't be dancing with joy. the government is dialing up more controversy. this time unclal sam getting info from major internet companies. microsoft, yahoo, goggle, facebook. apple. oh, and they are seizing your phone records, too. is your personal information at risk? "cashin' in" demanding answers right now. ♪ >> eric: welcome, everybody. the i.r.s. hits keep coming. now we find out that the agency is dropping $4 million of your tax dollars on the conference at a swanky hotel in 2010. junket with the "star trek" skit and infa mouse line dancing. it all went down the same time that i.r.s. began targeting conservative groups. get this. they were learning how to be open and transparent with taxpayers. >> eric, i mean they are going after the tea party groups that want to cut down on gove
's be his partner. >> neil: way to go, charles. >> finally got it. ready for anaheim! >> eric: irs employees dance is go the night away. all the while tax officials were targeting conservative groups. let's just say you will be dancing -- you won't be dancing with joy. and holder, the government is dialing up even more controversy this time uncle sam getting info from major companies, google, facebook and apple and seeds go your phone records too. is your personal information at risk? "cashin' in" demanding answers. >> i'm eric boling. our crew this week, wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig and tracy burns and also joining us a professor of chicago school of business, austan goolsby. >> dropping more than $4 million of your tax dollars at a swank hotel. same junket with the star trek skit and infamous line dancing. it went down when the irs was targeting conservative groups. jonathan, they were learning how to be open and transparent with taxpayers. >> they are going after the tea party groups that want to cut down on government spending. they are spending $4 million on a conference which is reall
on conferences for employees between 2010 and the year 2012. one meeting in anaheim, california, for 2,600 workers from maryland. they all trooped out there on an airplane. cost $4 million. some perceived, or received perks that included presidential suites. apparently very expensive. like $3,500 rooms and baseball tickets. employees were shown videos of their colleagues, one even performing a dance called the cupid shuffle. that video along with a separate "star trek" spoof cost the irs over 50 million bucks. news like this is precisely what republicans use to attack big government. may be fair enough. in general, president obama, in particular, i don't get that part. jonathan wiseman is a congressional reporter reporting on this story for "the new york times," and david corn is national bureau chief for "mother jones and msnbc analyst. jonathan, i was trying to get the datelines here. doug shulman, a george w. bush appointee to head the irs, was head of the irs during all thisesque paiding, apparently. >> that's right. he left toward the end of 2012, november 2012. so in fact, all of
be of assistance. they met back in the 21st century in anaheim, california. earth, sir. bill: hand him the oscar. that and other irs videos costing you $50,000. now the irs has to answer for it. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live from the hill. the hits keep coming from this group. other than spock, what do we expect from the hearing when it starts in 30 minutes? >> reporter: makes you wonder when he goes with the vulcan live long and prosper when they swear him in. the one of the early questions will be, what were you thinking? this was going on with the nation in a very deep recession when many americans were losing their jobs and homes. one top house leader predicts we're just scratching the surface of this irs mess. >> to me it's a cultural problem at the irs. one i think this you see, it is not just those two employees. think about what they go before everybody. we're now hearing this isn't just the direction of cincinnati looking over. they were now telling irs agents are telling us that washington was sending them some direction on who to investigate. >> reporter: one key
of them cost $4 million alone. for a 2010 gathering in anaheim, wherever that is, they enjoyed perks like baseball tickets and suites that cost $3500 a night. 15 outside speakers were paid a total of $135,000 in fees and one receiving $117,000 talking about leadership through art. the agency spent $2,000 for parody videos including this pile of pointlessness. >> to the left. three, four. >> it is so challenging to teachers and them even though there are lyrics to the dance. to the right, to the right, to the right. >> this is harder than doing an op review. >> i need a straight line. trying to get ready for anaheim. stay in line. >> stay in your lane. stay in your lane. >> come on. >> this isn't so bad. >> i feel bad. anyway, that video and a star trek parody cost them $50,000 to make. speaking of wasteful. >> i tell you, imagine that coming up through the toilet when you are sitting there, huh? >> i am doing it right now. >> seriously, bill, it is awesome. buck, $4 million for a weekend in anaheim sounds like a lot, but the memories are priceless, and it is a drop in the bucket as they s
scandal. this report on spending an irs conferences. a lot of money spent to irs folks to anaheim, a lot of these details leaked out, but new information here, a 2010 irs conference in anaheim cost the irs at least $4.1 million. the total cost they say is unknown. the costs were paid using funds that were intended to hire enforcement employees. the report also says they had outside event planners, they were paid $133,000 by the hotels based on the numbers of rooms that they took out in anaheim. that's attracting a lot of negative attention here too, tyler. >>> now to a new embattle ground for coke and pepsi. michelle, then. >> it is. we talk about the cola wars in the united states, but you haven't heard of them for a long time. they are alive and well in the e34er7b8ging markets. there's new evidence of that tod today. ceo mutar kent there for the unveiling. coke was one of the first to be awarded an investment permit. kent explained why the company is so eager to get into the market. >> no matter how you slice and dice it, there will be about between 850 to a billion new middle class b
opened a 2010 irs conference in anaheim, california. taxpayers spent more than $4 million on that conference, more than $50,000 on videos like this, $17,000 on the motivational artist, and an additional 64 grand on gifts fo@ employees, including miniature stuffed animals, plants exporting fish, and miniature, bendable, plastic figures. the spot actor acknowledged there were better uses for government money and apologized. lawmakers just could not get over that star trek video. >> i know many examples, we will discuss them today. like the ridiculous star trek video. i swear to god to my have looked at that video over and over again. i swear, i do not see their redeeming value. and -- [laughter] i was up at 3:00 this morning watching it because i was trying to get to the redeeming value. i could not get there. i worked hard at it. >> it is an insult to the memory of star trek. >> my favorite, insulting to the memory of star trek. overall conference spending in 2009 the irs been nearly $10 million on conferences. by 08 that tripled and hit 37 million in 2010. the year of the
to respond on mature aid protocols. so anaheim will respond to smaller jurisdictions. >> thank you. thank you supervisor kim. any other questions colleagues. great thank you very much. next i'd like to ask to come up elizabeth our cities primary organization. i guess the organization is going to be losing i so congratulations in your new endeavor >> we've heard a lot about will responses needed to people getting hit by cars. and in san francisco roughly a quarter or a fifth of the year of the trauma cases in san francisco are people getting hit by cars. that's a huge amount. we just got the numbers from the police about how many people were admit in 2012 it was 9 hundred and 12. that is the largest number since the year 2000. so to reduce that number and to reduce all those preventable injuries the mayor realized a strategy. that strategy is fixing the city's most danger streets which are about 44 percent. but too often to fix those streets takes too long. f the bartlett project like broadway and second street even the bigger projects we often see get little bound bit by bit before peopl
in anaheim then failed to file w- 2's for that income, the irs effectively was guilty of tax evasion. saying you don't know does not help you, does not give you an out as a taxpayer. it certainly should not give the irs and out when they are using taxpayers money. professional education is critical and the irs, more than any other organization needs to be well trained, needs to understand not just the fundamental laws of the long history of rulemaking in federal cases that determine what you do or don't pay, but you are allowed to do or not to do. they need to be trained to treat the taxpayer as a customer and i better -- and not a debtor. that justifies when appropriate travel and business to the very companies and individuals from whom they receive the revenue that we in government spent. i want to say here and hopefully my ranking member will share this. we want the federal workforce to feel that when they have justified travel, reasons to go and have meetings. reasons to use hotel rooms or conferences, that they do so. we don't want washington think to be no training, no travel, no inter
on overspending. the report focuses on a conference in anaheim, california. this happened in 2010. it cost taxpayers more than $4 million. one top official stayed five nights in a room costing $3,500 a night. also president obama is going to be racking up the miles on air force 1 today. >> he is going to be heading to north carolina this afternoon. he will visit a charlotte area elementary school as part of a tour heralding the middle class, and the key to economic recovery. later he will fly to california to attend two fundraisers for the democratic committee. >> and the first lady is campaigning for kelly mccullough. tonight's event is in tyson's corner. the tickets are $100 each. > there is a job fair today at the holiday inat 1,900 north fort myer drive in arlington. it is free and job seekers can receive a resume review. >> let's check in with jackie and see if there is going to be a warmup later in the day. >> pretty close to where we were yesterday. we have some big changes ahead. i want to start out by talking about the tropics and tropical storm an debris -- andrea. this is going
officials for accepting free food for a lavish party during a 2010 irs conference in anaheim. commissioner danny werfel issued a statement saying it's his job to hold people accountable. with your fell will testify today at a congressional hearing looking into excessive spending for agency conferences. especially the anaheim venue which cost taxpayers $4.1 million. all told, an inspector general report says the irs spent nearly $50 million on conferences from 2010 to 2012. >>> a british newspaper says the communication records of millions of u.s. citizens are now being collected in bulk. regardless of whether or not they're suspected in any wrongdoing. the guardian newspaper obtained a copy of the order from the court that ordered verizon provide national security agency with telephone records of the customers. the order is good until july 19th. >>> a 10-year-old girl dying will have a better chance after a court ruling yesterday. a federal judge has ordered that the girl be placed on the adult lung transplant list instead of having to wait for a pediatric transplant. which has much fewer
ready for anaheim. >> what on earth were they thinking? it is truly amazing to me. >> it seem swres a new misstep every day at the irs. >> to the right, to the right, to the right. >> do you feel like the irs detrayed the trust of the american people? >> i do. >> has anyone today been held accountable? >> let me answer your question this way -- >> that's a yes or no. >> i would say yes. >> this is harder than doing an op review. >> before congress spends one more time on the irs, we need to know how it spends the money it receives already. >> they don't pay me enough to do this. i'm not an executive. i just play one on tv. >> people should be reviewing these conferences to see if they're appropriate. >> i don't know whether to admire you or pity you. >> make me proud. we just practiced it. come on now. come on now. >> hey, this isn't so bad. >> during today's hearing firing questions at the active irs commissioner and inspector general. did he get answer thes he was looking for? well, we'll find out. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> did you get the answers you wanted. >> we did
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in the world. let's be his partner. >> neil: way to go, charles. >> finally got it. ready for anaheim! >> eric: irs employees dance is go the night away. all the while tax officials were targeting conservative groups. let's just say you will be dancing -- you won't be dancing with joy. and holder, the government is dialing up even more controversy this time uncle sam getting info from major companies, google, facebook and apple and seeds go your phone records too. is your personal information at risk
." ♪ >> they finally got it. i'm so proud. they are ready for anaheim. [ applause ] >> yep, livingit up amid the crackdown. i.r.s. employeeses dancing the night away. and showing silly ar trek videos at a victim junct, all the while tax officials target conservative group. we know how much it cost all taxpayers. you won'te dancing with joy. the government is dialing up more controversy. this time unclal sam getting info from major internet companies. microsoft, yahoo, goggle, faboo apple. oh, and they are seizing your phone records, too. is your personal information at risk? "cashin'
million on that one conference in anaheim, california in 2010. >> i'm afraid that a wealth of skilled leaders -- >> in hindsight, many of the expenses incurred in this 2010 conference should have been more closely scrutinized or not endured at -- incurred at all and were not the best use of taxpayer dollars. >> shepard: so lawmakers said they had many more unanswered questions. >> do you see the redeemingño' value in that video? >> no, sir. >> you agree with me. >> yes, sir. >> i feel better now that you agree. >> are you familiar with this guy? this is the gsa official in the hot tub. have you ever seen that picture? >> i've seen that picture. >> shepard: mr. hot tub we call him here. jeff neely the name. after its lavish spending of taxpayer cash came to light, but the irs still faces a separate black eye for targeting conservative groups for scrutiny. any signed this $4 million con friday thing will continue? >> everybody who testified today there are now controls in place to make sure it does not happen again. so then lawmakees shifted their focus to figure out who authorized thi
thereere speing. $4 million for in anaheim, california conference. you heard theoman in t video mention anaheim. it did not even bother to negotiate rates. some people say that defense some people stay in sui's the cost literally thousandsf dollars. the irs cannot monitor theirwn spending, how are they supposed to keep track of a balce sheet of america, do my taxes, look over my shoulder and make sure that i am doing everything i shou? >> here is the bigger problem. it's a big deal. then expectationhat it will be taking care of. when they see this, the very first place that land that the ira c that it is wasted, they are thinking, i could have used a dollar at my house lot more efficiently and at. let me keep that and spend it debrief let me keep it. gerri: tomorw we expect the treasury department inspector general to fe -- file a report. will t be any surprises? is there even more horrible situations with the irs wasting our money? >> we have some preliminary documents. more on that. also some issues. irs handle their own reporting. what we would be held to account for that they warran
on the irs. this one dailing nearly $50 million spend on 220 conferences,ncluding one in anaheim featuring eric wall and the art of vision. this is a video from his website. the report says he charges $17,000 for two sessions and six paintings, including albert einstein to michael jordan, and youtube by no. the paintings reinforced his message of on learning the rules, breaking boundaries, and freeing the thought process to find creative solutions to challenges. he also lists the national security agency as a client. we have asked for comment. we are still waiting for response. but that one anaheim conference cost over $4 million. the ipector general says investigators are uncertain about the pre tag. they say it could have cost more ck to you. gerri: thank you for that. well, one of the dirty little secrets of our federal government is that the whole irs to local police cleared the civil servants, the people who for the taxpayers work in a culture that would shock most private-sector employees. it is n meritocracy, no were carting give rewarded ov time. in this country a federal job is es
eyewitness news. >> ray 2010 conference in -- a 2010 conference in anaheim was the focus of one report. one official stayed five nights in a room that regularly goes for $3500 a night. >>> turning to the weather this week just gets better and better every day. a live look outside right now. bright blue skies. comfortable temperatures. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram and bob turk are updating the conditions. bob? >> i bet if you turn the camera west, you can see the blue ridge mountains today. take a look at temps now. just extremely comfortable now. 75 here. oakland up there in the allegheny at 64. hageerstown in the valley. at 73. ocean city at 65. now, remember yesterday at this time, we had a heavy rain shower move through the region. so temperatures right now, about 4 degrees cooler than everywhere yesterday. 6 degrees cool at easton. ocean city only at 3 degrees cooler. couple of places west of us, actually 2 to 3 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. radar, absolutely clear from here up to new england. and down into the carolinas. now, tha
to get ready for anaheim. stay in line. finally got it. i'm so proud they're ready for anaheim. martha: they are so ready for anaheim. thank goodness that your tax dollars got them ready for anaheim. >> martha, by the way, the music to the line dancing there was the tune, the cuban shuffle. how appropriate. let me give you some more details. martha: please, go ahead. >> i know you're raring to go on this one. martha: i am. >> $4 million for one conference held in anaheim, california, in august of 2010. all right, 2600 people attended. they were given baseball tickets. as you said, martha, some stayed in the presidential suites which are up to $3500 a night. the irs did not negotiate the hotel room rates to bring them down. they didn't do that. and there were 15 outside speakers who were paid a total of $135,000, including one speaker who lectured on the leadership through art, for which that person received $17,000. martha: unbelievable. >> one last point on the videos. we saw the line dancing. there was another one where they did a takeoff of the "star trek" series. martha: that was c
. they are embarrassed by some of the inappropriate spending and the anaheim situation. there are institutions within the irs who hold of the primary mission to help taxpayers navigate through the tax system in a way that is fair and understandable. i have spoken to our national taxpayer advocate and she is types oftake on the transformational changes necessary to make a difference. >> i appreciate that. perhaps that somebody should begin asking, one of the challenges is in the opinion of the chair, you had to former who didals, one acting not do the job. they are not managers up to the task. i cannot go back through every commissioner, although i have met a number of them. your two predecessors, not so good. i think we have met them, we have seen them, the american people have watched them. in what disappointed happened on their watch. , you areof things aware of the investigation related to procurement about half $1 billion worth of open antracts originated within hub zone in the district of columbia. >> i have had preliminary briefings on it. , in the opinion of the fraud wasresents perpetrated. i
that cost about $50,000 a piece to produce. they were used in a 2010 conference in anaheim, california. here is the other one. it shows irs workers spoofing star trek. that one came to light a few month back. and a third video parodies gilly began's island. dan lothian is at the white house. and the acting irs commissioner makes his first appearance before congress today. won't he have fun. >> reporter: i know. he certainly will face a grilling. and that's only one of three hearings expected here in washington this week on the irs verse zl ci controvers controversy. this is not letting up and driving a lot of the criticism is darrell issa who believes the trail leads right back here to washington. for the first time we're hearing what irs workers in cincinnati are telling congressional investigators about why they targeted conservative groups. republican darrell issa on cnn state of the union. >> as late as last week, the administration's still trying to say there's a few rogue agents in cincinnati when in fact the indication is they were directly being ordered from washington. >> reporter:
. those speeches at this irs conference in anaheim, california, were how seemingly random combinations of ideas can drive radical innovation. 27, five, plus first class travel. by the way, the small business division at the irs had the presidential suite in the hotel for five nights. and, wait for it, the $4 million cost of that particular conference was partially financed with $3 million taken from the budget to hire more irs staff. so you can see that the anger is rise especially after yesterday when a good honest citizen was reduced to tears because what the irs had done to her. by the way there will be morehis lavish spending on thursday of this week. a lot more to come. martha: you mentioned becky gerritson, who is our guest coming up later in the show. she had an impassioned plea to save the country she grew up in as she put it but we'll talk with her. we're here with the gsa and this conversation, and the irs which has a huge spotlight on it has to deal with this as well. as you say they will have hearings tomorrow. darrell issa's oversight will look into this. this is, somebody
on ams anaheim, which is i unglued about. what did we get -- actually, $4 penalty 1 million. >> for that, 2600 employee who is handle tax issues for small businesses and people w sma file -- who are self-employed, went to anaheim california and stayed in the hilton and two other hotels. they were esseoially managers so they were learning about leadership and training and eadeibly learning about security because this was the yeard that a guy who was pissed as hell at the irs crashed his plane interest a field office in austin,illing anic irs employee. this was traumatizing and one of the focuses of the conference was security. >> greta: they have traumatized o ny other people, i should say, sarcastically. now, in terms of theld congress, 2600. i take it, it was no secret it was going on. this wasn't like an underground thing. who authorized the expense of this. has that been identifyd? >> well, yes, two deputy commissioners, t two number 2 thople at the irs, including the now former commissioner who has one of the number 2 spots authorized t. oof the reallythor fascinating things about t
washington post," lisa ryan, joins us. nice to see you. >> greta, you too. $4 million on anaheim, which basically i'm unglued about. $4.1 million. >> what did we get for that? >> for that 2600 employees who handle tax issues for small busses and people who file, who are self-employed went to anaheim, california. they stayed the hilton and two other hotels and they were essentially managers. so they were learning about leadership and training and ostensibly learns about security. this was the year that a guy who into a field office in austin ne killing an irs employee, traumatizing. one of the focuses of this conference was supposed to be >> they have traumatized many other people i should say very sar ca sarcastically. it is no secret 2600 employees. thisasn't an underground thing. who authorized the expense of this in thisconference? has that been identified? >> well, es. the two deputy ommissioners, the number two people at the irs, inclg the now former number two spots authorized it.e of the really fascinating things about this report that came out today that wleased by inspector ge
with utah representative, jason chaffetz, over his lack of planning leading up to that anaheim conference. >> when did you become aware of the massive expense? >> i actually did not become aware of the massive expense until much later. i did not know what the expense was at the time of the conference, that we were paying. i did not know what those expenses were. >> and you're the number two person in that division? >> yeah -- >> and you're oblivious to the expenses? >> as i -- >> you're totally ignorant of the expenses? >> now, the irs spent nearly $50 million on some 225 conferences between 2012 and 2010. that anaheim event was the most expensive. bill? >> all right, thank you, hampton pearson, very much. that "star trek" video, that's going to haunt them for a long time. heading towards the close -- >> this is who is looking at your taxes. >> that's who's doing our taxes. 35 minutes left in the trading session. you say, ho hum, up 21 points, but the dow was down 117 points midday. it's been a big comeback today. >> not so much a ho hum after all. even with today's comeback, the s&p 500
in preparation for a lavish trip to anaheim, california. this video, plus a "star trek" spoof cost $50,000. and bigger numbers for you, the agency spent actually more than 50 million for 220 conferences in 2010 and 2012 from presidential suites to baseball tickets. and i've not had a chance to tap the level of outrage of my good friend and colleague charles payne. he's sitting here and what do you think? >> here is the thing, they didn't negotiate on the tickets. you know, the anaheim hotel, saying 15 speakers, one speaker was paid $17 grand, like, i tried to find out that's the day you were out, i'm not sure. 17 grand to give a speech on leadership through art. stuart: i do not lecture on literature or art, okay? >> the bottom line though, everyone should be outraged, but what i want to bring up, stuart, it's crazy that we have so many scandals happening and so, at the same time, and i don't want us to really get the -- this is completely outrageous the way they spend our money, but i hope that the focus stays on the way the irs is used as a club. stuart: yes. charles: by the white ho
,000 for a speaker on leadership through art at a 2010 conference in anaheim. where issa says one high-ranking irs worker stayed in the hilton anaheim's two-bedroom presidential suite that normally runs $1500 a night. representative issa also had some sharp word for white house spokesman jay carney referring to him as, quote, their paid liar, accusing him of making up things about what happened at the irs. white house spokesman carney had no comment. john? >> and this is monday. not going to get more friendly as this week goes on. >> exactly. >> dan lothian at the white house, thanks so much. >>> ahead on "starting point" the search for a teen that fell over a 600-foot waterfall while swimming at yosemite national park. park officials not optimistic about his odds of surviving a fall like that. we'll go live to yosemite. >>> welcome back to "starting point." minding your business. another drop in tokyo, the nikkei tumbled 3.5% and in china concerns about manufacturing growth slowing down. we're watching that. wall street taking it well. dow futures still up about 45 points. >>> this follows a stel
in anaheim where issa says one high-ranking irs worker stayed in the hilton anaheim's two-bedroom presidential suite that normally runs $1,500 a night. the man the president has chosen to fix the irs, acting commissioner danny werfel, faces his first congressional grilling this morning, one of three irs hearings this week on a controversy that shows no signs of letting up. dan lothian, cnn, washington. >> our thanks to dan for that report. >>> so, this sounds like the title of a dr. seuss book, but there really was a llama on the loose in leon county, florida, saturday morning. he wasn't any too pleased when sheriff's deputies corralled him and tried to cram him into the back of a trailer. the llama knocked one of the officers down, then spat in his face. that's what llamas do. the llama drama leaving locals shaking their heads. >> a llama? really? [ laughter ] >> that's insane! >> i didn't believe it until i saw it, and i was just like, wow, where did that thing come from? >> i've been doing this 20 years, and they said there was going to be a lot of excitement on this jo
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